Evalina Rose and her little sister Posy Anna are the main characters of a series of children's stories that I am writing. In this blog I will share the final stages of crafting their half scale house--Honeysuckle Cottage--and the miniature stuff that will make up the settings of their stories.

Honeysuckle Cottage

     Honeysuckle Cottage is made for two tiny dolls, Evalina Rose and Posy Anna (not scale figures).  A friend of mine made the shell as a half scale building, and the furnishings are half scale, but the setting is small to be charming not realistic.  I added the windows and doorway--I will someday add a door.  The house has one room upstairs that will serve as the bedroom for both girls.  I will be putting a kitchen and sitting room on the bottom floor.    

I am using paper clay and gesso to "stone" the house.  I have not decided how I will do the roof.

I have not decided whether I am going to use  a band of birds, flowers and foliage or make the  fully painted wall paper  for the bed room .

this will be the kitchen.  There  are bay windows to the left.

I have a lot of bricks to paint.  The chimney is covered with scored paper clay. 

Bella loves this house!

Some premature staging of the bed room.

I love the light by this window.

The highboy is a Cassidy Creation kit .  I plan on painting roses on the drawer fronts.

The doll's name is Nell, she is less than an inch tall.  I crafted he out of wood and knit her clothes with lace needles out of fine hand sewing thread.  The bed is a Cassidy kit with a knit coverlet.  I am sorry to say, I do not know who made the plant or the table, but they are lovely.

I am making a climbing rose for the front door.

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