Evalina Rose and her little sister Posy Anna are the main characters of a series of children's stories that I am writing. In this blog I will share the final stages of crafting their half scale house--Honeysuckle Cottage--and the miniature stuff that will make up the settings of their stories.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Crazy Week

Save me!

Just so you know what kind of person I really am...I often find myself doing really terrible things to my creations in the name of realism.  In order for such a tiny bear/ dog 's cloths to hang correctly, I had to do this to him.--I am truly sorry.  I once tried to needle felt a nativity--I stopped at jabbing the baby Jesus.  I just couldn't do it.
I think Pie might be a puppy.  Anyway he and Humble  are central to the Evalina stories.
     It has been a while since I have had any time to post.  We have been dealing with, the end of school, packing and sending off boys for a big camping trip, a visit from my mother and a pretty sick little girl.  Well, the boys are back, my mother has gone and our little girl has antibiotics. 
      I have not been idle all of this time, just unable to sit alone.  So I will spend some time catching up.
I have finished knitting the doily and hand towel for the wash stand.  I added a row of purple button -hole stitch to the edge to give the effect of a crocheted edge.  I love the colorful edgings  on vintage linens.  The doily is lavender.

This is a new Cassidy Creation kit awaiting pink bead knobs.

The bathroom of honeysuckle cottage is going to have a dressing room combined with the bathroom, .  It is still waiting for me to hang the wall paper.  The wall paper is above, under poor Pie.  I made the sink, and am trying to figure out a way to make a toilet and a tub.
      One of my original ideas for this blog was to have some projects for children, and to include my 7 year old daughter Annabelle as much as possible...she will out grow me soon enough.  We decided to make a beach house together.  It is meant to be a cottage, which I think should be both whimsical and elegant and of course diminutive.  So we have chosen some very beautiful wallpaper from Itsy Bitsy Mini,   http://dollhouse-miniature-wallpaper.com/shop/ , that will make the inside fun and pretty.   I will show you when it comes. 
      The inhabitants are Grandmother (who I've named Gwendolyn and Grandfather who is named Joseph after my father).   There are pictures of them in earlier posts.  The top floor will house their granddaughters who do not exist yet and have no names.  We do know that there are two of them  and there are no boys.  The girls will visit often.  The baby, who is their little sister, will stay home with Mommy.
     We chose pool blue, hydrangea green and cream for the exterior paint.  To my great surprise, pink is not Annabelle's favorite color; she likes teal, blue and green.  I like pink.  So the house will be a combination of those colors inside and out.  I am trying really hard to let Anna make decisions with me, instead of my taking over the whole project.  I do not want her to remember this summer as the summer that"Mommy wouldn't let me make the dollhouse the way I wanted it".  I would love some suggestions on projects that children can do.  She loves to make food and luckily there are a lot of Youtube videos for us to watch together.

This little shell collection is the reason that we decided to make a beach -house.  Isn't it great?  They are real.
We chose the  Laurel by Greencraft because of it's "ease" in assembly and the wrap around porch.  A beach house should have a lot of outdoor living space.  We will have double the foot print for it's base , so.that we can have a garden, lots of flowers and a patio.

I have decided to work with what we have, so that means a lot of prep work.  I have rubbed  a slurry of  wood putty into all of the trim pieces so that they won't splinter when I sand them.  I think the bay window will be the center piece of the tiny kitchen, so I am putting a lot of work into  it.  On the inside I have smeared a watery paste of paper clay and sanded it smooth-ish.

The doors and windows have been wood puttied, sanded and await their place on the house
These flowers are  from my garden and I think the colors will go nicely with the blue and green of the house .  I plan on using these colors for the window boxes plus lavender-pink and candy red.
I have been rambling on...this is what happens if I have too much time to sit alone.

Have a wonderful week,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A winner

Annabelle chooses a winner.

It is Susan of  
http://minicrochetmad.blogspot.com  ,  Bella-Mouse will go to Australia!

Bella-Mouse says goodbye to her friends.  They will miss her.

Happy Summer,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Still time for the Bella-Mouse giveaway

For giveaway, scroll down to post 5/29/12
Bella-Mouse waits for a new home.

I make progress on my wall paper.

 I finished another Cassidy Creations kit from http://half-scale-miniatures.com/shop/.  This was the first kit of theirs that I had trouble with.  I could not get the door to hang...finally I decided to make a ribbon hinge.

I glued two pieces of ribbon to the back of the door.

I glued a piece of paper over the ribbons and then glued the ends of the ribbons to the inside of the little  washstand.

I made the little bowl and pitcher  out of porcelain about 7 years ago.  I plan on making a little doily and hand towels  to finish off the piece.  The washstand will go into the new bathroom

Here are my newest children out of Femo.  I have not fully painted their features, and I have not decided if they are related...just a test for now.

Formerly known as ET

I think that this pair will be a big brother and his baby sister.

Half scale girl.

Does anybody know who made this little doll?  I bought her about seven years ago at a guild show.  The man who made her is from the UK, and he is charming.  This little lady was not his smallest doll...she fits into Evalina's dresses, and I love her

I am not able to read this , do you recognize this signature? 

Isn't she perfect?

She fits nicely into my half scale house.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Pictures of Bella-Mouse

I promised some pictures of Bella-Mouse in her dress, here they are.  I will just mention that she has little pink panties,but for her privacy, I will not show them.  

Here are some pictures of Grandmother with her new unnamed grand daughter.  I know there are a lot of pictures, but she just looks so happy.

Some day soon Grandmother will have her own house.

I have made a change to Honeysuckle Cottage.  The original plan was to have one large room on the top floor, and a kitchen and a living room down stairs.  Well it turns out that it really bothers my seven-year old that there is no bathroom.  I figure that if it bothers her it will bother most children...I plan on using the cottage as a setting for children's stories, so I must not upset the children.  I have added a wall to the upstairs and now have a bathroom.  I forgot to take a picture, but I got this shot while  photographing Grandmother with her new grand daughter.

The bathroom is now on the Left

I have decided to paint the wallpaper in the girl's bed room.  I have also been experimenting with  paintings.  Everything I do is a bit cartoonish, I am not an artist.  But again, this house is meant to be used as illustrations for children's books 


Practice Flowers,  I'm not crazy about the color.

Portrait of Posy is 1/2 of an inch.

The wall paper in the background is From Itsy Bitsy Mini http://dollhouse-miniature-wallpaper.com/shop/ .  It will be in the living room, I love it

I have been trying to make different types of one inch scale roses for Grandmother's summer beach house.  I am using cold porcelain. 

I am also trying for irises.  I will carefully place some yellow flocking  for their beards.

I made a new pair of Robbin parents for my nest...very hard to photograph and probably not  to scale

Have a Wonderful Week,