Evalina Rose and her little sister Posy Anna are the main characters of a series of children's stories that I am writing. In this blog I will share the final stages of crafting their half scale house--Honeysuckle Cottage--and the miniature stuff that will make up the settings of their stories.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

let's talk about knitting!

It is nice to be home.   I am very happy to find so many new followers...welcome!  I am so impressed with all the beautiful blogs that I keep finding and am having a hard time keeping up.  At some point, I will add more blogs that I follow to my blog...please do not be offended if I have not put too many up.  I am making a small-silk-hat tutorial for this weekend.  look for it on my tutorial page.
Small silk hat

 I have had a couple of request for patterns...I never write things down, but I do have some advice that I could share.  I use 6/0 and 7/0 lace needles.  There are smaller needles, but I like  my knitting to have a nice drape, and am happy with my results using what I use.
 http://store.buttercupminiatures.co.uk/knitting-needles/cat_4.html  here is a link to a website where you can purchase needles.  There are different ways to size knitting needles, and this site has a nice chart to help you out.
I like to use fine sewing threads to knit with because they drape nicely.  There are also larger needles and if I were to use a wool, I would use a larger needle--to keep a nice drape.

this is a  #100 silk thread that I knit with 6/0 needles.  When I block it , I will add some drape to it by shaping it to the bed
this is a 130/2 silk thread that I knit on 6/0 needles.  Notice that this piece drapes with no coaxing from me...I love it.
same lace panel.

Some tiny garments knit on 7/0 needles

I don't know if you can see this but, the blue gutermann's silk thread is #100 and  feels like  it is two time larger than  the YLI #100 silk thread and the #80 Madera cotton.  Size of thread seems to be uncoordinated.  Not all fine threads knit well...I do not like Ping Ling # 100, I think, because it is too tightly spun.
Au Ver A Soie is my favorite silk to work with.  Until I started looking on-line, I did not think I could buy it anymore, but I have  found it. I will give the links under a new link list that I will make this week end.
I am going to put together a mini knitting resource list and put together some tutorials to help you start knitting yourself.  I will try to give each fiber that I use a separate posting so that you can choose what you would like to knit with   We can start with bigger needles and Needlepoint -wool...it will be good.

Thanks for looking ,


  1. Oh thank you! After I saw your knitting, I tried with the smallest things I could find- and was so frustrated!